CYL Scalp Lab Solutions

Singapore’s first integrated specialist scalp and hair care centre

CYL Scalp Lab Solutions is the first integrated specialist scalp and hair care centre to offer advanced treatments using personalised, custom-blended formulations with eastern and western botanical essences, innovative equipment and Japanese massage techniques. The eastern and western botanical essences used in the custom-blending process are created by a certified trichologist and herbalist.

Unparalleled Service Experience

A commitment to service excellence and client satisfaction

CYL Scalp Lab Solutions provides customised scalp an hair treatments that are tailored to each individual client’s specific needs. At every visit, each client will go through a detailed screening process followed by a detailed analysis. A personalised custom-blended formulation is then used in conjunction with light therapy to promote healing at a cellular level.

The CYL Story

The hair remains as one of the most prominent and defining features for most people. While looking straight, the hair alone constitutes about one-third of the head and is the first thing people notice right after the eyes. Inevitably, the hair forms the core components of creating an impression before we even talk. And Create Your Look (CYL) dedicates itself to perfecting hair.

While in her early years as a hairdresser, founder Michelle realised something across many of her clients; that while she could cut and dress their hair to the best of her ability, she was unable to aid many of them who are afflicted with scalp related ailments. Also realising that she has a scalp pertaining hair fall problem, her attention towards the scalp grew.

After much research, visits to the trichologists, courses, and experiments with her diet and lifestyle, Michelle’s hair-falling problem took for the turn. She was overwhelmed with joy and has since dedicated her life to providing her clients with advice and treatment with their scalp related problems. She wants everyone who was in the same shoes as her to understand and feel that same joy that she had experienced.

Formed by a team of passionate hair specialists, founders Michelle, Lawrence and Francis are committed to bringing out the best in their clients through their hair. With a total collective experience of 30 years, advanced treatment techniques and trichologist certified hair serums all bundled in a state of the art hair care centre, you are guaranteed an experience parallel to none. CYL – Let’s talk about hair.

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